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Unhealthy Chemicals That are Most Likely to be Present in Cosmetics.
The use of cosmetic has been there for a long time but it is not often that people take time to know the present ingredients in our favorite cosmetics. So we go on with our daily activities thinking that the company we purchase our cosmetics from is trusted and can never use any harmful ingredients and can never market cosmetics that are not safe for use.

It is very unfortunate that that’s exactly what they do and click for more on this website. It is a common thing practiced by these companies to include harmful ingredients in products like shampoo,make up and skin care products and learn more of this here. Understand the topmost harmful chemicals that companies use on this website.

To top the list is the fragrances used and more about this is available on this site. Most cosmetics contain fragrances and the necessary authorities involved does not require companies to disclose the components of the fragrances and now learn more on this site. Fragrances have very unhealthy chemical integrated in them and click for more on this page. It is advisable to use fragrance free cosmetics so as to avoid the detrimental effects linked to fragrances such as cancer and neurotoxicity and read more here for more information.

Cosmetic companies usually use artificial color which is from coal and petroleum extracts and they are unhealthy and read more now on this site. These colors are carcinogenic and this is backed by research and this company does not really care about your health and for more information check it out!

You can learn about the dangerous preservatives that cosmetic companies use by clicking here. Paraben is the most commonly used preservative as it inhibits the growth of harmful microbes and discover more info. Breast cancer has been linked to these preservatives as they are directly absorbed into the skin and read more now from this website.

Sodium Laureth Sulphate is another detrimental chemical that is usually used in soaps and shampoos or anything that lathers forming a foam and click here for more. This chemical has been linked to causing eye and skin irritation and more about this click here.

Pthalates is another dangerous chemical present in most cosmetics and has been linked to causing birth defects, cancer and harm to the reproductive organs so visit this website to learn more info. Propylene Glycol has been linked to causing skin dryness and irritation and click here for info. Polyethelene Glycol is a thickening agent most used in body wash and exfoliating creams and click here for information. It usually affects the nervous system and slows down human development and read more now from this page.

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